We've heard from some of our authors that after using H2O for a little while, their dashboard can get cluttered with old, discarded drafts, unfinished remixes, test books and the like. We've seen the same thing in our testing – not all casebooks are created equal, and sometimes you need to be able to do a little weeding.

Today we're sharing a new feature that helps solve this problem: Archived Casebooks.

Here's how it works. When you have an old draft casebook that you want to remove from your dashboard, click the casebook, then select the "Settings" tab, and then click on the "Archive" button. That's it.

screenshot of casebook "Settings" tab highlighting archive button

Your archived casebook will no longer appear on your dashboard. But, if have second thoughts for any reason, you can access archived casebooks by clicking on the "[View Archived Casebooks]" link on the upper right of your dashboard. From there you can "Unarchive" any casebook to restore it to your dashboard.

screenshot of dashboard highlighting the View Archived Casebooks link