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H2O Doc Export - Word Styles

When an H2O playlist or item is exported as a Word document, the exported .doc file comes with “Word styles” already added to the document for use. (A style is a set of formatting characteristics, such as font name, size, color, paragraph alignment and spacing.)

Through the use of Word styles, you can quickly and easily apply a set of formatting choices consistently throughout your document. H2O’s .doc exports include styles that already correspond to areas in the document, ex. “Item description,” “Playlist title,” “Annotated text” etc.

By right-clicking on a specific style in the Word header, you can modify that style (for example, by changing text color to red), and that change will apply to all text that falls within that style:

Note: Word styles are applied to the document upon export, based off the HTML tags of the particular items- cases, text blocks – within it. Not all items in H2O have identical HTML, meaning that while Word styles will successfully apply to the majority of items in an export, there may be some outliers that must be manually changed to reflect what’s changed when a Word style is modified. 

Jonathan Zittrain's H2O-made Torts Casebook

Having built his Torts Playlist on H2O, Prof. Jonathan Zittrain was interested in converting that work into a physical casebook. Utilizing H2O’s new export feature and with the assistance of Jordi Weinstock and Samantha Bates, edited cases and commentary were pulled out of H2O and, after some additional formatting work, a casebook was created & printed for Prof. Zittrain’s 1L course at Harvard Law School.

“Torts!” was printed by a local on-demand service and is a hit with Professor Zittrain’s 1L students. This is an exciting project to see come to fruition, as the casebook was created for free in H2O, and being able to create print-on-demand books one of the goals of H2O’s continually-improving export feature.

Interesting in learning more? Visit to create a free account or email us at

H2O Faculty User Profile: Brian JM Quinn

Boston College Associate Professor Brian Quinn has been an H2O user since 2013. He has used H2O to teach his Corporations course for the past two years, but this year he took the Corporations playlist he created in H2O and published it in book form on Amazon and CreateSpace.

Three-fourths of his class purchased this casebook at a price of $30 each. The book sales produced a royalty of $10.17 a book, all of which professor Quinn has directed toward Boston College’s Public Interest Law Fund.

The H2O team is currently working on tools to make export and print easier for both faculty and student users, so other users can similarly easily export their work to print-on-demand.

H2O Presentation at LegalEd Conference

On April 4th, Adam and Brett from the H2O team presented at LegalEd’s “Igniting Law Teaching” conference. This was a TEDx-styled conference, with presenters given 7 minutes to discuss their topic in a dynamic, energetic style. Brett introduced H2O to those attending, describing it as personal, practical, collaborative and flexible.

Brett Johnson, Harvard Law School, H20: Remixing the Casebook from Michele Pistone on Vimeo.

Karlan's Torts - First Installment

We’re very excited indeed to note that Professor Pam Karlan of Stanford Law School has made the first installment of her Fall 2013 Torts class materials on H2O; those materials are available at

Professor Karlan has added and selected an array of edited cases (some adapted from edits by other H2O users, such as Professor Jonathan Zittrain, and others she edited from scratch). Professor Karlan has also added many new introductions, and has included numerous links to videos and other external sources (see, for instance, her collection of materials for “An Introduction to Torts."